Image film on REALonline

If you don’t know REALonline yet or would like to learn more about the functions and features of the new version, you can watch our image film now. The new version of REALonline has been freely available on the Internet since 10 May 2017.


The REALonline team would like to take this opportunity to thank the Stiftsmuseum Klosterneuburg, in particular the curator of the art collections, Wolfgang Christian Huber, for the opportunity to shoot parts of the film in front of the original work of art in the museum.

The film shows the Mary Magdalene altarpiece (REALonline 000059), which offers many fascinating details such as a cross staff made out of glass. Only a few decades after the achievements of the van Eyck brothers in the Netherlands, Klosterneuburg is already home to works of art that bear witness to the great importance of the depiction of various materials and their properties. This is why the Mary Magdalene altarpiece was also on view in 2010 as part of the Van Eyck to Dürer exhibition at the Groeninge Museum in Bruges.

We would also like to thank Clemens Kneringer | Camerawork, who, with great dedication and creative ideas, combined the shots in front of the original art work with previews of the new version of REALonline and scenes with people interacting with REALonline (actors: Bernhard and Felix Schober and Ulrike Wiesinger).